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The trials and tribulations of the world's greatest cross-species mutant

Emptiness within me

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Birthdate:Aug 23
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm blunt, sarcastic, obsessive, mentally unbalanced and somewhat bitter.

I try to be cheerful but when life is kicking me in the head I tend to whine about it. I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder and panic disorder and am on medication that keeps me from getting too crazy.

I'm bisexual and have a wonderful bisexual boyfriend.

My fandoms are Whitechapel, Criminal Minds, Generation Kill, Oz, Robin of Sherwood and Harry Potter.

Interests (149):

aaron hotchner, alan rickman, alan rickman's voice, alexander skarsgård, anathema, anxiety disorder, at the gates, bang bang you're dead, beecher/keller, bipolar, bisexuality, brian kinney, brian molko, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, cats, chris corner, conan o'brien, cradle of filth, criminal minds, cross-species mutants, david wenham, death, delirium, depression, despair, destiny, destruction, devil dogs, di chandler, doom metal, down, dr. spencer reid, draco malfoy, draco/harry, dream, dreams, ebenezer and snooch, elves, eric northman, eric/godric, fanart, fanfiction, faramir, faramir/eomer, five-legged goatbeasts, gackt, gale harold, generation kill, gooshy food, guy of gisburne, haldir, haldir/rumil/orophin, hammer horror, harry dresden, harry potter, harry potter slash, harry/draco, harry/lucius, harry/snape, harry/thomas, heavy metal, homosexuality, hp rps, iamx, icons, internet, jack the ripper, james marsters, jason connery, jason isaacs, jd salinger, jeffrey dean morgan, jennifer jareau, justin taylor, karl urban, katatonia, legolas/gimli, lions, lithium, liv tyler, love, lovings, lt. nathaniel fick, lucius malfoy, malfoys, marines, martin powell, matthew gray gubler, mazzy star, mental disorders, mist of the maelstrom, music, my dying bride, nonsense, nose licking, orophin, particles of truth, pj ransone, placebo, poetry, porn, portishead, psychology, purebloods, queer as folk, rainbows, rainy days, ralph fiennes, randy harrison, ray person, reading, red dwarf, red hair, robin of sherwood, rps, rumil, rupert penry-jones, sandman, severus snape, sgt. brad 'iceman' colbert, shopping, singing marines, slash, sleeping, slytherins, smell of rain, snarry, sneaker pimps, spike, spike/buffy, stark sands, stealing beauty, strawberries, sunsets, tattoos, the dresden files, thomas raith, two lumps, vampires, veela, wake, walt hasser, werewolves, whitechapel, william the bloody, wolfsheads, éomer
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